Jack’s Country

a glimpse, using pictures and sounds, into what was Jack Hargreaves, “Old Country”

In the later days of Southern Television I, Dave Knowles was the editor of Out of Town and worked very closely with Jack on the programme. After Southern lost their franchise I then produced over a period of three years, 60 programmes for Channel 4 called “Old Country” using the same format and set that had been used at Southern for Out of Town. I spent hundreds of hours with Jack as I not only was the producer and owner of the Lacewing Productions (later to become The Production Unit) but also the editor of the film inserts.

“Old Country” was the first full network programme that Jack had ever made so it was a very important stage in Jacks broadcasting career.

This site is to help people learn how “Old Country” was produced by the use of pictures and sounds.

I hope you enjoy,