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The Wickham Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the country. Romanies come from all over to buy and sell horses. The Wickham Horse Fair is one of two major events of this kind – the other being the Appleby Horse Fair which also takes place in June.

About Jack's Country:
I used to work as and editor on Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves and then went on to make 60 programmes with him called Old Country for Channel 4 as producer/editor.
Jack mainly lived in Hampshire and Dorset and most of his programmes were shot in these two counties. They told the day to day life in the countryside and introduced us to many of the country crafts that still existed in those days.
I am making a series of films on YouTube about the subjects that Jack would have included in his TV programmes. I am not trying to recreate Out of Town or Old Country as this would be impossible without Jack's wonderful story telling but what I am hoping to do is make films on subjects that Jack may have chosen to make programmes on.
I do hope you enjoy them and if you have any suggestions on subjects you would like to be covered please let me know in the comments section.
All the best
Dave Knowles - director, cameraman, editor.

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