[DVD] – Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves – Volume One

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Hugely popular and fondly remembered to this day, Out of Town saw Jack Hargreaves exploring rural life in Britain reflecting on its character, traditions, history and folklore, and the skills that had passed from generation to generation.

With his extensive experience, knowledge and love of the countryside, Hargreaves’ easygoing presentation style enthralled both rural and urban viewers the series becoming so popular it ultimately ran for over two decades. An unsentimental record of a bygone time, it set the bar high for all country matters series that were to follow in its footsteps.

This volume contains the 35 editions that remain from 1980/1981 including the unbroadcast 21st anniversary special and an episode never previously released on DVD.

Two episodes of Southern Gold
A Tribute to Jack Hargreaves
Go! Learning to Fish
Summer in Kite’s Country

8 reviews for [DVD] – Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves – Volume One

  1. Lee Porter

    Unable to buy this DVD, there are none anywhere . I am sure its a great watch .Would be good to know where i can purchase a copy

    • DaveKnowlesFilmmaker

      Hi Leer,
      Unfortunately due to the company that was distributing the3m going into receivership there are none available.We are however hoping that this problem will be overcome in a month or so time. Sorry for this. All the best Dave

  2. Peter Whest

    Hi Dave, I too would love to get a copy of the Volume One DVD as I understand it contains the ‘Teaching Youngsters to Fish’ programme. I was one of the anglers featured in the programme, along with old friends like Dick Walker, Peter Stone and Fred J. Taylor. It would be great to have a copy to play back and remember that memorable and historic day with Jack Hargreaves. Any chance? Best regards, Peter Whest.

    • DaveKnowlesFilmmaker

      Hi Peter, The learning to fish was a bonus I think with the all the 60 Old Country programmes. I am looking into how we can get start selling Old Country again so please keep in touch for updates. All the best Dave

  3. Peter Wheat.

    Peter Wheat again….. was ‘teaching youngsters to fish’ included on your DVD

    David. Was ‘teaching youngsters to fish’ included as a bonus on your DVD of the 60 Old Country programmes? Best wishes, Peter


  4. DaveKnowlesFilmmaker

    Yes it was I think.

  5. Peter Wheat.

    To David Knowles. How much longer does the Angling World have to wait for a reissue of your original Volume One including the Learning to Fish programme ? It really should have priority, as so many people are waiting. It is most unfair to be able to buy Volume Two, and then find Volume One is not available. Please pull your finger out and get this done ASAP, please! By the end of this year should not be too difficult, surely. Best regards, Peter Wheat.

  6. Peter Wheat.

    To David Knowles. Dear David is there a date yet when your Jack Hargreaves Vol. One will be available again in its original form with the Learning to Fish programme included? Your said about a month, and that was months ago. It is grossly unfair to be able to buy all volumes, apart from Vol. One. Best regards, Peter Wheat.

  7. Peter Wheat.

    Dear Dave, I have been trying very hard to get a second hand copy of your Jack Hargreaves Out of Town Volume One, but without success despite much effort. Is a date known yet when it might be reissued?
    Also, as you know I am particularly keen to get a copy of the Learning to Fish film which was included in the Volume One DVD. Where can I purchase such a copy? Best regards, Peter Wheat.

  8. Lee Porter

    Hi Dave,
    manged to track down Out of Town Vol 1,thanks for putting all of Jacks TV on DvD . Just a shame TV recording back in day was very expensive, and done live.Anyway thanks again for this . Now than Country Ways on TVS and Merdian did you help make those programmes?

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